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APOPHIS T-9 YEARS, Apr 23-24, 2020, Nice, France

Update, March 5, 2020:  The conference has been cancelled because of the coronavirus outbreak.  For more information, visit the event’s website.

Original Entry: “Apophis T–9 Years: Knowledge Opportunities for the Science of Planetary Defense” workshop will take place April 23–24, 2020 at the Hôtel Le Saint Paul, Nice, France.

Apophis is a Near Earth Object (NEO) 340 meters in diameter that will come very close to Earth 9 years from now on April 13, 2029.  It will pass Earth at a distance of  about 31,000 kilometers, roughly the same distance as geostationary orbit.  It is rare for an asteroid this size to come so close.  Scientists are confident it will not collide with our planet.

The workshop will examine the science opportunities presented by this close approach of a NEO.

Details about the workshop are on the event’s website.  More information about Apophis is on JPL’s website.


April 23 @ 8:00 am
April 24 @ 11:00 pm