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NASA BRIEFING ON UPCOMING GRACE-FO MISSION, Apr. 30, 2018, DC, 1:00 pm ET (webcast)

NASA will hold a briefing on April 30, 2018 at 1:00 pm ET at NASA HQ on the upcoming GRACE-Follow On (GRACE-FO) mission, which is scheduled for launch on May 19 from Vandenberg Air Force Base as a “rideshare” with five Iridium-NEXT satellites on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

Briefing participants are:

·         David Jarrett, GRACE-FO program executive in the Earth Science Division at NASA Headquarters, Washington
·         Michael Watkins, GRACE-FO science lead and director of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California
·         Frank Webb, GRACE-FO project scientist at JPL
·         Phil Morton, NASA GRACE-FO project manager at JPL
·         Frank Flechtner, GRACE-FO project manager for the German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ), in Potsdam, Germany

The briefing will air on NASA TV and the agency’s website.

The Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment Follow-On (GRACE-FO) mission will measure and monitor monthly changes in how mass is redistributed within and among Earth’s atmosphere, oceans, land and ice sheets, as well as within Earth itself.  It is a follow-on to the original GRACE mission, launched in 2002 and operational until October 2017.  Both GRACE and GRACE-FO are cooperative missions of NASA and the German Aerospace Center (DLR).





April 30, 2018
1:00 pm - 11:00 pm