Another Lament about the End of the Space Shuttle Program

Another Lament about the End of the Space Shuttle Program

Dennis Overbye of the New York Times offers his lament about the end of the shuttle program with no clear path forward.

“… But America still has no vision at all for its space program, no plan for where to go next or how.

“I can’t blame NASA for that. NASA works for the president, and the president can do only what Congress will give him or her the money for. And Congress answers to the people – that is to say, its campaign contributors. They’ve all just been doing what they think they have to do, but an astronomer I know who grew up with the same science fiction dreams and expectations as I did once described himself as a member of the ‘cheated generation.'”

“I no longer expect to see boot prints on Mars during my lifetime, nor do I expect that whoever eventually makes those boot prints will be drawing a paycheck from NASA, or even speaking English.”

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