Events of Interest: Week of October 25-30, 2009

Events of Interest: Week of October 25-30, 2009

The following events next week may be of interest. For more information, look on our calendar on the right menu or follow the links below. Note that congressional activities are always subject to change.

During the week

  • The Senate is expected to resume and complete deliberation on the Commerce-Justice-Science appropriations bill (H.R. 2847). If a cloture vote succeeds this time, the Vitter-Bennett amendment about the census that has slowed consideration of the measure would be ruled not germane under a parliamentary ruling won by the Democrats, according to Congress Daily (subscription required).
  • Another Continuing Resolution (CR) will be needed by the end of the week, and may be attached to the Interior-Environment appropriations bill. The current CR expires on October 31.
  • Negotiators are expected to continue to meet on a compromise version of the Department of Defense (DOD) appropriations bill (H.R. 3326), but it is not clear if it will go to the floor this week. Congress Daily reports that Democrats are considering adding an increase in the debt limit and a D.C. voting rights bill to the appropriations bill; Republicans are objecting to these non-defense riders.

Sunday-Wednesday, October 25-28

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Thursday, October 29

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