Looking For a Job In Space Policy? NASA's Got an Opening – But Hurry!

Looking For a Job In Space Policy? NASA's Got an Opening – But Hurry!

NASA’s Science Mission Directorate (SMD) has an opening for a public policy expert to join its policy team.  Applications are due by November 24, 2014.

The posting is on the USA Jobs website and is for a GS12/13 “program planning specialist,” but the position description is primarily about policy.  

DO NOT CONTACT SPACEPOLICYONLINE.COM ABOUT THIS OPENING.  NASA asked us to help spread the word — that’s our only involvement.  We don’t know any more about the job than what’s in the posting.   Apply through the USA JOBS website.

Here is the three paragraph section that describes the duties. 

As a Program Planning Specialist, responsibilities are broad and include: strong emphases on the management of Science Mission Directorate (SMD) relations and communications with external groups; serving as policy expert to develop and maintain relationships with various stakeholders in the government, private industry, and universities to further the agency’s research or technology development efforts; and serving as the organizational spokesperson at public meetings, formal and informal, on extremely technical and complex program activities.

Provides policy advice and guidance on broad projects and science programs. Position requires extensive interpretation of space policy documents such as executive, legislative or judicial papers or draft legislation, and advising management on revisions to existing agency policies and programs to meet requirements. Conducts a wide variety of comprehensive space policy studies and detailed analysis of complex functions, processes and space policy issues related to science program planning in order to advise on organizational or process changes. Produces complex space policy analyses and written reports; including draft policies, briefing papers, draft congressional testimony, draft correspondence, congressional reports, staff briefings, and responses to Legislative and Executive Branch review actions used by key Agency Officials in planning domestic and international earth and space science research.

Develops or fosters cross-agency activities or organization of special committees. The individual selected would join a small space policy team focused on providing policy support to over 90 space missions that span Astrophysics, Earth Science, Heliophysics, Planetary Science, and various reimbursable projects for other agencies. The space policy team manages SMD’s relations with external groups, including Congress, the Office of Management and Budget, the Office of Science and Technology Policy, educational entities, international and interagency partners, and external advisory committees and boards. In partnership with other SMD Divisions, the policy team also supports the SMD Associate Administrator by providing integrated policy guidance, strategy, and focused advocacy for NASA’s science program.

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