NASA Working on New Strategic Plan

NASA Working on New Strategic Plan

NASA is working on an updated strategic plan. The outlines are provided in a draft document distributed by NASA that identifies the agency’s vision as follows: “NASA leads scientific and technological advances in aeronautics and space for a Nation on the frontier of discovery.”

The document states that NASA’s “values” are safety, integrity, teamwork and excellence. Six goals are listed:

  • Extend and sustain human activities across the solar system
  • Expand scientific understanding of the Earth and the universe in which we live
  • Create the innovative new space technologies for our exploration, science, and economic future
  • Advance aeronautics research for societal benefit
  • Enable program and institutional capabilities to conduct NASA’s aeronautics and space activities
  • Share NASA with the public, educators, and students to provide opportunities to participate in our mission, foster innovation and contribute to a strong National economy

An accompanying memo from NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden explains that the agency will formally submit the new strategic plan along with its FY2012 budget request. The text of his message is as follows:

“Every year in February, the President submits his budget request for the federal government to Congress. This year, along with the President’s budget request for NASA, we will be submitting our new NASA Strategic Plan, which guides the work we will perform.

“The NASA Strategic Plan outlines our long-term goals as an agency and describes how we will accomplish those goals through the outcomes that support each goal over the next decade or more.

“Our Strategic Plan team has been hard at work and we now have a solid new mission statement, vision, and strategic goals and outcomes, all of which will form the basis for the new Strategic Plan. I shared these with you back in October, but wanted to take this opportunity to talk about them in more detail.

“Our goals are just that – our goals. And they are cross cutting, with multiple Centers, Mission Directorates and Mission Support Offices contributing to the success of each. We are all responsible for ensuring that these agency goals are met. I expect you to focus on the new mission, vision, and goals starting now and going forward. Our mission, vision, and goals are who we are as an agency and should encompass all we do.

“Below is an outline of our vision, mission, goals and outcomes. The full plan will include narratives for why we pursue each strategic goal, our strategies for achieving the goals, our performance targets, and the challenges we face achieving our goals.
“This is an exciting time for NASA and we have a solid way forward. Working together, we will continue to make NASA’s future better and brighter as we contribute to the welfare of our Nation.

“Thank you for all that you do, Charlie B.”

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