NBC Announces CCiCAP Winners! We'll See If They're Right Tomorrow-MODIFIED

NBC Announces CCiCAP Winners! We'll See If They're Right Tomorrow-MODIFIED

MODIFICATION:  We have modified the fourth paragraph in response to Alan Boyle’s comment (posted below) that his story quoted the Wall Street Journal as to which companies were the big winners and which would get the partial funding.

NBC News reports tonight on the winners of NASA’s Commercial Crew Integrated Capability (CCiCAP) awards.  NASA will not officiallly announce them until tomorrow (Friday) morning, though.

Alan Boyle has a story this evening citing his colleague Jay Barbree — a veteran NBC reporter based at Cape Canaveral, FL –identifying the winners and losers.

NASA and key members of Congress agreed in June that NASA would make no more than “2.5” awards, meaning that two companies would get full funding and one would get partial funding.

According to NBC, citing the Wall Street Journal, SpaceX and Boeing are the big winners, with Sierra Nevada getting the partial award.  That makes ATK, which partnered with Lockheed Martin and Europe’s EADS on its proposal, the loser.

NASA will make the announcement at 9:00 am ET tomorrow where we will see if Barbree’s sources are correct.  NASA will hold a press conference at 10:00 am ET from Kennedy Space Center (KSC) featuring NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden, KSC Director Bob Cabana, and NASA commercial crew program manager Ed Mango.


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