Obama's Space Promises — Broken and Kept

Obama's Space Promises — Broken and Kept

Politifact has updated some of its ratings on whether President Obama is living up to his campaign promises about the space program. Of the 19 space program-related campaign promises it tracks on its “Obameter,” it now rates Obama as having broken one — the promise to return humans to the Moon by 2020 — and kept five others. Added to its previous ratings, the tally now stands at:

  • Broken — 1
    • Support Human Mission to the Moon by 2020
  • Stalled — 2
    • Seek Code of Conduct for Space-faring Nations
    • Re-establish the National Aeronautics and Space Council
  • In the Works — 4
    • Speed Up Development of Next Generation Space Vehicle
    • Improve Climate Change Data Records
    • Increase Commercialization Benefits from Space Technology
    • Revise Regulations for Export of Aerospace Technology
  • Kept — 12
    • Add Another Space Shuttle Flight
    • Use the Private Sector to Improve Spaceflight
    • Work With International Allies on Space Station
    • Partner to Enhance the Potential of the International Space Station
    • Use the International Space Station for Fundamental Biological and Physical Research
    • Explore Whether International Space Station Can Operate After 2016
    • Conduct Robust Research and Development on Future Space Missions
    • Increase Spending to Prepare for Longer Space Missions
    • Work Toward Deploying A Global Climate Change Research and Monitoring System
    • Enhance Earth Mapping
    • Support Commercial Access to Space
    • Establish School Programs to Highlight Space and Science Achievements

Politifact is a project of the St. Petersburg Times. Of all the Obama campaign promises it tracks, the President is rated as keeping 96, compromising on 33, breaking 15, and stalling on 84, with 273 more “in the works” and two “not yet rated.”

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