President Requests $17.5 Billion for NASA, $2 Billion for NOAA Satellites for FY2015

President Requests $17.5 Billion for NASA, $2 Billion for NOAA Satellites for FY2015

President Obama unveiled his FY2015 budget request this morning.  It includes approximately $17.5 billion for NASA and $2 billion for NOAA’s satellite programs.  The budget request also includes an “Opportunity, Growth and Security Initiative” that would provide an additional $56 billion spread throughout the government. 

The total budget request for the entire government is $3.9 trillion and most Washington political observers think it has little chance of passage intact.  However, the requests for specific agencies might fare better than some of its other proposals like raising taxes on the wealthy.

The Opportunity, Growth and Security initiative proposes spending above the budget caps that Congress agreed to in December so its chances of passage are iffy, but some of the funds are directed towards NASA according to documents on the White House website, though they are not specific. 

A brief synopsis of NASA’s request is on the OMB website.   NASA will post details on its budget website at 1:00 pm ET and NASA Administrator Bolden will present the budget via telecom at 2:00 pm ET (listen at NASA’s newsaudio website).

OMB’s overview of the request for the Department of Commerce, including NOAA and its satellite programs, is also on the OMB website

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