Rep. Hall Wants U.S. To Keep Winning in Space Exploration

Rep. Hall Wants U.S. To Keep Winning in Space Exploration

Rep. Ralph Hall (R-TX). chairman of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee, noted that President Obama had little to say about NASA in his State of the Union address, and says that he wants to ensure that “America ‘keeps winning’ in space exploration and scientfic discovery.”

In a press release that is not yet posted on the committee’s website (due to technical difficulties with the website according to committee staff), Rep. Hall responded to those parts of the President’s speech that addressed issues within the committee’s juridiction, including clean energy technologies and basic research. His overall take is that “While appropriate investments in science and technology are important, they must be made prudently within the confines of a disciplined budget.”

He said that his committee would conduct oversight of the President’s science and technology policies “as well as the broader research and development priorities necessary to advance American competetiveness.”

Regarding NASA, he said:

“Absent from the President’s speech, apart from mentioning Sputnik as a metaphor, was any vision for our Nation’s space agency. NASA’s exploration program has been paramount to securing America’s lead in the global economy and spurring innovation. So many technological advancements have stemmed from an ambitious, goal-oriented space program. I am disappointed that the President used this moment only to reflect on NASA’s history, rather than promoting a strong vision for the future of space exploration. This Thursday is officially designated as A Day of Remembrance’ for the space shuttles Columbia and Challenger tragedies; a day to reflect on those national heroes who lost their lives. We should honor them by carrying on their legacy and ensuring that America keeps winning’ in space exploration and scientific discovery.”

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