Space Policy Events for January 27-31, 2014

Space Policy Events for January 27-31, 2014

The following space policy events may be of interest in the week ahead.  The House and Senate are in session.

During the Week

President Obama will deliver his State of the Union address on Tuesday night.  There are no rumors that the space program will figure in his speech, but anything is possible.  Tuesday is, after all, the 28th anniversary of the space shuttle Challenger tragedy.

In fact, this is the week that commemorates the loss of the Apollo 1 crew on January 27, 1967; the Challenger crew on January 28, 1986; and the space shuttle Columbia crew on February 1, 2003.  NASA and the Air Force will hold a ceremony tomorrow (Monday) at Launch Complex 34 to remember the Apollo 1 crew and NASA will hold its annual Day of Remembrance for all three crews on Friday according to Florida Today (we could find no mention of these events on NASA HQ or Kennedy Space Center websites, so don’t have any other details).

Apart from that, perhaps the most notable event coming up this week is Tuesday’s hearing before two subcommittees of the  House Armed Services Committee on China’s counterspace program.  Bob Butterworth from Aries Analytics, Michael Krepon from the Stimson Center, and Ashley Tellis from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace are the witnesses — 3:30 pm ET, 2118 Rayburn (and via webcast at the committee’s website).

Here’s the list of everything we know about as of Sunday afternoon.

Monday, January 27

Tuesday, January 28

Tuesday-Wednesday, January 28-29

Thursday, January 29

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