Today’s Tidbits: September 20, 2017

Today’s Tidbits: September 20, 2017

Here are our tidbits for today, September 20, 2017.  Enjoy!  [Don’t forget to check our website for feature-length articles, too.]

Grizzly Bears in Space?

The United Launch Alliance will launch the National Reconnaissance Office’s (NRO’s) next satellite, NROL-42, from Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA on at Atlas V rocket at 10:38 pm Pacific Time tomorrow  (1:38 am Friday Eastern Time). NRO builds, launches and operates the nation’s spy satellites and the mission is classified — but it’s got a nifty mission patch that’s public!

Help ESA Crack the Moon’s Mysteries

The European Space Agency (ESA) is inviting commercial service providers “with the right ideas” to take part in a 1-year study to shape In-Situ Resources Utilization of the lunar surface.  It wants to “crack” the Moon’s mysteries and “use it as a springboard towards humanity’s future in deep space.”  Details: []

Jack Dailey Retires from NASM

Jack Dailey is retiring as Director of the National Air and Space Museum after 18 years in the job.

Dailey essentially was the Deputy Administrator of NASA during part of Dan Goldin’s term as Administrator, which is to say there was no Deputy Administrator (a position that is nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate), but he performed the duties typically associated with that position.  His title was Associate Deputy Administrator.  Dailey has a long and distinguished career in public service.  He is a retired Marine General who served as Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps and Chief of Staff before joining NASA.

Molly K. Macauley

RFF Accepting Applications for $100,000 Macauley Grant

Resources for the Future (RFF) is now accepting applications for a $100,000 research grant “to quantify the value of using Earth observations for improving decisions about human health, air quality, water resources, and more.”

The grant will be the first Molly Macauley Award for Research Innovation and Advanced Analytics for Policy in honor of RFF’s late Vice President for Research Molly Macauley.

Proposals are due December 5, 2017.  Details: []

Macauley was murdered while walking her dogs near her home in Baltimore last year. The crime remains unsolved.

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