UPDATE 3: At KSC For the Obama Speech

UPDATE 3: At KSC For the Obama Speech

UPDATE 3: The President’s speech is over and pretty much followed what was in the OSTP fact sheet two days ago. It seems to have been well received by the invitation-only audience. The NASA “conference” has begun as Norm Augustine is reviewing what his report said last year. Check back with SpacePolicyOnline.com in a bit for a report on the President’s speech.

UPDATE 2: The President is about to speak.

UPDATE 1: President Obama, followed by Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) and Rep. Suzanne Kosmas (D-FL), and then followed by NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden and Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin, just came down the steps from Air Force One.

ORIGINAL STORY: Edtor’s Note: I am here at the Operations and Checkout (O&C) building at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) eagerly awaiting the President’s speech. He is not due to land for more than half an hour yet, and the speech does not begin until 2:45, but the media are being assembled so we are in place when he gets to this building (and then there are the security considerations that require everyone to be here in advance). Media had a choice of being at the Air Force One landing and takeoff, or being here to cover the speech. Logisitically it was not possible to cover both venues. Naturally, I chose the speech. There are four plasma screens in front of me that appear to be broadcasting NASA TV — with shots of the International Space Station crew busily at work — and later will be used to broadcast the breakout sessions. This is a huge building and even with 100 or so media people in it at the moment it would not quite be accurate to call the atmosphere “electric,” but I certainly am excited to be here. Follow me on Twitter (SpcPlcyOnline), or check back here for updates. — Marcia Smith

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