UPDATE: Atlantis is OFF, press conference around 1:00

UPDATE: Atlantis is OFF, press conference around 1:00

UPDATE: The press conference has slipped to about 1:00 EDT.

UPDATE: Overloaded wi-fi and cell phone networks here are making it almost impossible to post to this website or Twitter. Atlantis got off, but three minutes late due to a last minute hiccup at T-31 seconds. Now awaiting a regularly scheduled post-launch press conference to learn more details.

UPDATE: Atlantis is off!

UPDATE: The weather is a bit better at the moment and the range is “green” — meaning “go” — right now. The countdown is in a planned hold at T-9 minutes with launch still scheduled for 11:26 am. NASA says it is “cautiously optimistic” that the launch will take place as planned.

UPDATE: All four crewmembers are aboard, the hatch is closed, and they are preparing to pressurize the cabin.

ORIGINAL STORY: The countdown for the launch of Atlantis scheduled for 11:26 am EDT this morning is continuing. The weather forecast remains only 30 percent favorable, but the skies appear a little lighter at the moment and the mood definitely is hopeful.

The crew just arrived at the pad and the close-out crew is getting them settled in their suits. The first to board, Commander Chris Ferguson, is about to enter the orbiter.

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