UPDATE: Bush Science Adviser Marburger Dies

UPDATE: Bush Science Adviser Marburger Dies

UPDATE: More details on the House action and information on Senate action are added.

House Speaker John Boehner’s debt limit/deficit reduction bill passed the House by a vote of 218-210. Less than two hours later, the Senate voted to table the bill.

In the House, all Democrats and 22 Republicans voted against the measure. In the Senate, the vote was 59-41 to table the bill. Senate Majority Leader Reid also took steps to bring up his own bill. Votes on that are expected late Saturday or Sunday.

There are two major differences between the House and Senate bills. The House bill would raise the debt limit for only for a few months while the Senate bill would raise it until 2013 — after the next election cycle. Also, the House bill would make any future increase in the debt limit contingent on a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution being signed into law and sent to the States for ratification. The Senate version would require only that the House and Senate have a vote on such an amendment, not ordain its outcome. Both bills would create a congressional commission to make recommendations on how to cut the deficit.

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