UPDATE: ORS-1 Launch

UPDATE: ORS-1 Launch

UPDATE: It’s OFF! And I saw it! First ever launch I’ve seen from my own front yard (just outside Washington, DC).

UPDATE: Launch remains on track for 11:09 liftoff.

UPDATE: The current planned launch time is 11:09 pm tonight.

UPDATE: They are going to try to launch tonight at the end of the launch window, which closes at 11:28 pm.

UPDATE: They are trying again to switch to internal power as part of their troubleshooting.

UPDATE: The launch is on hold because of a problem switching internal power on and external power off for the flight termination system. The length of the hold is being determined.


The view of the ORS-1 launch should be even better since it was postponed until 10:05 pm — about 10 minutes from now. Follow the countdown at Wallops’s website and if you’re on the mid-Atlantic coast, look up!

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