Updated Fact Sheet Available on NASA's Budget Including Impact of Sequester

Updated Fact Sheet Available on NASA's Budget Including Impact of Sequester

SpacePolicyOnline.com has updated its fact sheet on NASA’s FY2013 budget request.  The new version includes information on the impact of the sequester on the agency’s FY2013 funding.

We have added a new table to the fact sheet, NASA’s FY2013 Budget Request, that shows the impact of the sequester on NASA’s current budget, which is dictated by the Continuing Resolution (CR) that is funding the government through March 27, 2013.  It also shows the difference between the sequester-adjusted amounts and what NASA requested for FY2013.  

The sequester will cut $896 million from NASA’s current spending level according to data in the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB’s) March 1, 2013 sequester report to Congress.  OMB shows the cuts on an account-by-account basis, but does not total them.  An earlier report from OMB indicated that some NASA activities, especially in Cross Agency Support, are not subject to the sequester so it is not certain that totaling the numbers in OMB’s March 1 report yields NASA’s actual current funding level.   Until more precise data is made public by NASA or OMB, these are the best numbers available, however.

The budget situation for NASA and the rest of the government is complicated and fluid.   This fact sheet will be updated as events transpire in the coming weeks and months.   A new fact sheet will be created for the FY2014 budget request when it is submitted, currently expected around the third week of March.


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