Washington Post on the Future of Space

Washington Post on the Future of Space

The Washington Post has devoted most of its Sunday Outlook section today, July 19, 2009, to the future of the space program. Mike Griffin, Howard McCurdy, Kim Stanley Robinson, and Marcia Bartusiak are among the opiners. Here are a few excerpts from Mike Griffin’s “Let’s Reach for the Stars Again”:

Op-ed by Mike Griffin in the Washington Post, July 19: Let’s Reach for the Stars Again

“Only in human spaceflight do we celebrate the anniversary of an achievement that seems more difficult to repeat than to accomplish the first time. Only in human spaceflight can we find in museums things that most of us in the space business wish we still had today.”

“You either believe that expanding the range of human action and thereby creating options for the future is a noble endeavor, worthy of the cost and risk, or you do not. No lesser justification is acceptable, and no greater justification is needed.”

“No one can wrest leadership in space from the United States. But we can certainly cede it, and that is the path we are on.”

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