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Update, April 2:  ULA is now targeting a week from today, April 9, at 12:53 pm ET, to try again to launch NROL-70, pending range approval. (The “range” is the Eastern Range of launch pads and other facilities at CCSFS and NASA’s adjancent Kennedy Space Center, which is controlled by the U.S. Space Force’s Space Launch Delta 45.)

Update, March 28, 9:30 pm ET: The launch was scrubbed due to “an issue with a liquid pump failure on the gaseous nitrogen pipeline which provides pneumatic pressure to the launch vehicle systems.”  Although ULA initially said it would try again tomorrow, it now says it needs more time to troubleshoot that issue and a new launch date is TBD.

Update, March 28:  The launch was given permission to proceed, but a technical problem arose two seconds after they they came out of the planned hold at T-4 minutes.  At first they said they were recycling to T-4 minutes, but quickly decided to scrub for the day.

Next attempt will be tomorrow, March 29, at 1:37 pm ET.

Update, March 28:  The weather continues to be uncooperative, but they are still trying to launch today. They have a four-hour launch window and are slipping further and further into it. As of 1:25 pm ET, they are targeting 2:45 pm ET for the launch. Follow ULA (@ulalaunch) and NRO (@NatReconOfc) on X, or follow the launch on ULA’s website, to stay up to date.

Update, March 24:  ULA says the launch time is 1:40 pm ET and the weather forecast is only 30 percent favorable.

ULA will webcast the launch.

Original Entry: The National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) announced on March 12 that the final launch of the United Launch Alliance’s Delta IV Heavy, with an NRO satellite, will launch on March 28, 2024 from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, FL.  The time was not provided.

ULA is replacing Delta and Atlas with the new Vulcan rocket.

The classified payload is designated NROL-70.


April 9
12:35 pm - 11:00 pm