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NASA BRIEFING ON “RING OF FIRE” SOLAR ECLIPSE, Sept 26, 2023, virtual, 4:00 pm ET

NASA will hold a media teleconference on September 26, 2023 at 4:00 pm ET to discuss the October 14 “Ring of Fire” annular solar eclipse that will cross the United States from Oregon to Texas. A partial eclipse will be visible throughout the continguous United States.

NASA’s press release explains: “Also known as a “ring of fire” eclipse, an annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon is near the part of its orbit that is most distant from Earth. Because the Moon is farther from Earth than it is during a total solar eclipse, the Moon doesn’t block out the entire Sun, instead it leaves a bright ring of Sun visible at the peak of the eclipse.”

Audio of the teleconference will be available on NASA Live.

Participants are:

  • Peg Luce, acting Heliophysics division director, NASA Headquarters
  • Madhulika Guhathakurta, heliophysics program scientist, NASA Headquarters
  • Elizabeth MacDonald, heliophysics citizen science lead, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center
  • Alex Lockwood, strategic content and integration lead for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, NASA Headquarters


September 26
4:00 pm - 11:00 pm