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U.S. SPACEWALK AT THE ISS, June 24, 2024, Earth Orbit, 8:00 am ET (NASA TV begins 6:30 am ET)

Update, June 18: NASA says Tracy Dyson and Mike Barratt will perform this spacewalk, which will be number 90 (instead of the one that was scrubbed on June 13). They will perform the tasks that were planned for June 13. It will begin at 8:00 am ET and last about 6.5 hours. NASA TV coverage begins 6:30 am ET.

NASA ISS Program Manager Dana Weigel said it was Matt Dominick’s spacesuit that was the problem on June 13. Barratt was assigned to this one instead of Dominick because there is already a suit configured for him.

Update: The first of these three spacewalks was scrubbed just before it was to begin. This spacewalk will now be the first of two. The other is still on July 2.

The first spacewalk was scrubbed because of “spacesuit discomfort.” NASA has not said which of the astronauts reported the discomfort or whether the same duo — Dyson and Dominick — will perform this one.  The tasks for this spacewalk will be what they were supposed to do on June 13. The tasks that were orignially assigned to this spacewalk will be performed on July 2.

NASA posted the following information on the ISS blog on June 14:

Orginal Entry: Two NASA astronauts will conduct the second of a set of three spacewalks at the International Space Station on June 24, 2024 beginning at 9:00 am ET.

As of June 7, NASA had not named which astronauts would conduct this spacewalk, the 91st in the ISS program, but the press release outlines their tasks: “For the second spacewalk, astronauts will remove and replace the external high-definition camera located at camera port nine on the orbiting laboratory. This camera is one of several to provide external views of the space station. Additionally, crew members will complete a cable connection fit check for the alpha magnetic spectrometer, a particle physics experiment on the station’s exterior. If not completed during U.S. spacewalk 90, the astronauts will begin by collecting microorganism samples.”

NASA coverage of the approximately 6 hour spacewalk begins at 7:30 am ET.

The first spacewalk, number 90, is scheduled for June 13. The third is July 2.


June 24
7:30 am - 11:00 pm