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The American Nuclear Society (ANS) will hold its annual meeting virtually from June 8-11, 2020.

On June 11 from 10:00-11:45 am ET, it will discuss a position statement on the use of Low Enriched Uranium (LEU) for space missions.

More information about the overall meeting is on its website and in the program.

This specific sessions is described on this website.  It states:

Recent developments in space nuclear technologies have led to significant debate about the use of Highly Enriched Uranium in space applications. As part of ANS’s role as an advocate for the development and deployment of nuclear technologies that benefit mankind, the Aerospace Nuclear Science and Technology Division is developing a position statement on the use of Low Enriched Uranium in Space. This position statement will either supplement or replace ANS Position Statement 40, Space Nuclear Power and Propulsion Systems.

This panel session is intended to begin the process of collecting information for incorporation into the draft statement, which will be presented for feedback at the 2020 Winter Meeting, with the intention of finalizing the statement by either NETS-2021 or the 2021 Annual Meeting.

The panel will consist of two parts. The first half of the panel will be an opportunity for interested parties to make short presentations, similar to the lightning talk format from NETS-2019. The second half of the panel will be an open discussion.

The presentation portion of the panel will be open to anyone with an interest in the topic. Interested presenters will have up to 5 minutes to present a short presentation (no more than three slides). Slots are available on a first come, first served basis. Anyone wishing to present should send their slides (no more than three) to the Session Organizer, Dr. Jeffrey King (kingjc@mines.edu) no later than Wednesday June 10th.

To join the conversation, you must be logged in and registered for the meeting.


June 11, 2020
10:00 am - 11:00 pm