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ISS Spacewalks (3 of 3), May 2017, Earth orbit

UPDATE, May 5:  NASA has not announced any change to the plan to conduct this EVA on May 12 and the NASA TV schedule shows that it will broadcast coverage beginning at 6:30 am ET (the spacewalk is scheduled to begin at about 8:00 am ET).

UPDATE, April 17:  NASA says this spacewalk now is scheduled for May 12 (assuming the OA-7 launch takes place as planned on April 18).

UPDATE, March 29:  At a NASA Advisory Council committee meeting, a NASA official said the OA-7 launch will be postponed until mid-April and this spacewalk will not take place during the current “increment,” which refers to the rotation of crews on roughly 6 month schedules.  This increment ends on April 10.  A new date for the spacewalk has not been announced.  We are using April 20 as a placeholder date to keep this event in the calendar system, which requires the date field to have content, but NO DATE HAS BEEN SET.

UPDATE, March 23
:    Two of the three spacewalks have rescheduled.  EVA #40 is still on March 24.  EVA #41 will now be on March 30 (instead of April 2) and EVA #42 on April 6 instead of April 7.  NASA is trying to complete these spacewalks before Kimbrough’s departure from the ISS on April 10.  However, the launch of OA-7 has been indefinitely postponed and it is to deliver a piece of equipment to be installed on EVA #42.  A new launch date for OA-7 has not been announced, but NASA apparently is hoping it still will occur in time because the tasks for that EVA have not changed though they are now described as tentative.

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) will conduct a series of three spacewalks on March 24, April 2, and April 7, 2017.  Each is scheduled for 6.5 hours and will begin at approximately 7:00 am ET, with NASA TV coverage beginning at 6:30 am ET.    NASA astronauts Shane Kimbrough and Peggy Whitson, and European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Thomas Pesquet, will perform the spacewalks, also called Extravehicular Activity (EVA).  The excursions are designated US EVA #40, US EVA #41, and US EVA #42 respectively.

  • US EVA #40, March 24, Kimbrough and Pesquet.  Tasks: disconnect Pressurized Mating Adapter 3 (PMA-2) in preparation for its move (using the robotic Canadarm2) from the Tranquillity module to the Harmony module on March 30 where it will later be used for a docking adapter that will allow SpaceX’s Crew Dragon to dock; replace cameras on Japan’s Kibo module, plus others.
  • US EVA $41, April 2, Kimbrough and Whitson.  Tasks:  Reconnect PMA-3 at its new location, install upgraded computer relay boxes on the ISS truss and install shields and covers on PMA-3 and the common berthing mechanism on Tranquillity.
  • US EVA #42, April 7, Whitson and Pesquet,  Tasks:  replace avionics box on starboard truss called on ExPRESS Logistics Carrier, a storage platform. The box houses electrical and command and data routing equipment for science experiments and replacement hardware stored outside the ISS.  The new avionics box is scheduled to be delivered to the ISS on the OA-7 cargo mission scheduled for launch March 23 or 24.


May 12, 2017
12:00 am