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ISU-DC Space Cafe on Libations in Space, May 2017, DC

UPDATE, May 8 We have confirmed that this is on THURSDAY, May 11.  (The announcement said “Wednesday, May 11,”  so it was not clear if it was Wednesday, May 10 or Thursday, May 11.)


The DC chapter of the International Space University-US Alumni Association will hold its next Space Cafe on May 11, 2017 at Cotton & Reed, 1330 5th St, NE, Washington, DC at 7:00 pm ET (note new location for these events).

The topic is “Libations in Space.”  Panelists are:

  • Chris Carberry, CEO, Explore Mars (moderator)
  • Penelope Boston, NASA Astrobiology Institute
  • Reed Walker, co-founder Cotton & Reed distillery
  • David Blackmore, Global Master Brand Ambassador, Ardbeg and Glenmorangie

For more information contact Angela Peura at isudcspacecafe@gmail.com.

The emailed announcement is reproduced below.


Greetings! The International Space University-US Alumni Association’s Washington, DC Chapter presents monthly Space Cafes!

These events bring together prominent experts on space, ISU alumni, the space community, and the interested public in
a casual forum that encourages interaction and discussion. The Space Cafes typically take place on the second Tuesday
of every month and begin at 7pm.

The Space Cafes are hosted by the Cotton & Reed, located at 1330 5th Street, NE, Washington, DC:

This month’s topic will be “Libations in Space”: As inspiring as the concept of colonizing Mars, the Moon,
and building O’Neill Colonies is, when the settlers get there, they’re inevitably going to say,
“Boy, could I use a drink!” While most space agencies around the world maintain a policy of prohibition in space,
if humanity truly is to start permanent settlements and colonization of faraway worlds, consumption
of alcoholic beverages will swiftly become as common as it is on Earth. Initially, these beverages
are likely to be imported from Earth at great cost and in limited supply, but indigenous production
of spirits, beer, and even wine will certainly arise.

The question is, how feasible is it to manufacture consumable alcoholic beverages on Mars or on the Moon or in microgravity?

Moderated by Explore Mars, Inc. CEO, Chris Carberry, this panel will discuss the prosects, challenges, and
opportunities of fulfilling an inevitable need for alcoholic beverages on future space settlements and colonies.

– Moderator: Chris Carberry (CEO, Explore Mars)
– Penelope Boston (NASA: Astrobiology Institute)
– Reed Walker (Co-founder, Cotton and Reed distillery)
– David Blackmore (Global Master Brand Ambassador; Ardbeg and Glenmorangie)

Please join us on Wednesday, May 11th to hear what our panel has to say and add your voice to the discussion.
There’s no need to RSVP, but if you have questions or suggestions for future speakers, please feel free to contact
me at isudcspacecafe@gmail.com.

We’d like to thank the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics’ National Capital Section for their
co-sponsorship of Space Café – we look forward to their participation in this and future events!

See you there!


May 11, 2017
12:00 am