South Korea's Launch Not Fully Successful

South Korea's Launch Not Fully Successful

South Korea launched its KSLV-1 launch vehicle from the Naro Space Center at 5:00 pm August 25 local time, but the satellite did not reach the intended orbit according to the Yonhap News Service.

Yonhap reported that:

“The Korea Space Launch Vehicle-1 (KSLV-1) that blasted off from the Naro Space Center at 5 p.m. delivered its satellite payload far above its intended orbit, despite successful ignition and separation of its first and second stage rockets, the government said.”

“Related to the launch, KARI President Lee Joo-jin said efforts are underway to determine how the satellite separated so far above its proper orbit trajectory.

‘Since the 100kg scientific satellite does not have any on-board propulsion systems, if it fails to enter proper orbit there is no way to correct its trajectory,’ the expert said.

He declined to say whether the satellite was lost or if it went into orbit, but cannot be found.”

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