Final FY2013 Planetary Science Division Budget Figures – UPDATE

Final FY2013 Planetary Science Division Budget Figures – UPDATE

UPDATE:   A link is now provided to a chart with the planetary science funding figures for FY2012-2018; figures for FY2014 are the request and for FY2015-2018 are notional.

ORIGINAL STORY: is continuing its efforts to get NASA to release the complete FY2013 operating plan so the taxpayers can know the details of how NASA is spending their dollars.  Until then, we must suffice with getting information wherever we can.   Today, a NASA official briefing a National Research Council (NRC) committee used a chart with the final FY2013 funding figures for planetary science. 

We will provide a more useful chart later today — HERE IT IS — with the comparable projected figures for future years, but for now here are the line item breakdowns within planetary science for FY2013.  The numbers are from a chart shown by planetary science division director Jim Green to the NRC’s Committee on Astrobiology and Planetary Science (CAPS).

Planetary Research: $192,672,000

Lunar Quest:  $71,845,000

Discovery: $207,414,000

New Frontiers: $158.,770,000

Mars Exploration: $369,529,000

Technology: $123,434,000

Outer Planets: $147,836,000

TOTAL:  $1,271,500,000


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