Politifact.com Cites Obama "Promises Kept" on Space Activities

Politifact.com Cites Obama "Promises Kept" on Space Activities

Politifact.com, which describes itself as a project of the St. Petersburg Times “to help you find the truth in American politics,” has begun updating its entries on whether President Obama is upholding his campaign promises about the space program.

Four recently updated entries give the President two “promises kept” and two “in the works.” The two “kept” are adding another space shuttle flight for the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer and enhancing earth mapping. The two “in the works” are improving climate change data records and revising regulations for export of aerospace technology.

Politifact’s updating process for space program promises reportedly is a work in progress itself. Look for more updated entries in the near future. Disposition of quite a few of the President’s promises, of course, will have to wait until the White House responds to the Augustine committee report, so “no action” or “in the works” is likely to pervade Politifact’s assessment of the President’s performance for a while yet.

No official word on when news may be forthcoming about the Augustine report. The Write Stuff blog cited NASA’s liaison to the Augustine committee this morning as saying that the report would be released in mid-September, but that an executive summary might be provided to the White House today or tomorrow. As for the committee itself, its website has only an entry from last week (August 24) saying that the printed report probably would not be available until the end of September.

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