Download a Free Fact Sheet on NASA's FY2015 Budget

Download a Free Fact Sheet on NASA's FY2015 Budget

Our brand new fact sheet on NASA’s FY2015 budget request is now available for viewing and downloading.  It’s free!

NASA’s FY2015 Budget Request briefly describes President Obama’s request for NASA’s base budget ($17.461 billion) as well as for NASA’s share of the Opportunity, Growth and Security Initiative (OGSI).   It has four tables:

  • Table 1 compares NASA’s FY2014 appropriations and the FY2015 request for NASA’s major budget accounts and selected subaccounts (like SLS and Orion).
  • Table 2 summarizes the President’s $885.5 million request for NASA as part of his $56 billion OGSI.  The chances of the OGSI being enacted are pretty small since it is all outside of the budget caps the President and Congress agreed to in December.  Still, Congress might use it as guidance on where NASA would really like to get more funding if possible.  Always difficult to predict what Congress will do.
  • Table 3 delineates the funding requested for the Asteroid Initiative, which includes the Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM).   That funding is spread through four different parts of NASA (Science, Space Technology, Office of Chief Technologist, and Exploration) and it can be tough to distinguish what is the “initiative” and what is the “mission.”  
  • Table 4 consolidates the funding requested for the Space Launch System (SLS), which is in three different budget lines.

We update the fact sheet as the request moves through Congress.    The first hearing on the request is Thursday morning at 9:00 am before the House Science, Space and Technology Committee.

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