Biden Praises NASA Again, Tweeting Video of His Call to Perseverance Team

Biden Praises NASA Again, Tweeting Video of His Call to Perseverance Team

For the third day in a row, President Biden is praising NASA’s success in landing the Perseverance rover on Mars.  Today he tweeted a video that includes his Thursday phone call to Acting NASA Administrator Steve Jurczyk congratulating the Perseverance team on its success.

Perseverance survived the Seven Minutes of Terror descending through the Mars atmosphere and safely settling on the surface at 3:55 pm Thursday (February 18).  Biden was one of the first to offer congratulations in a phone call that Jurczyk revealed at a post-landing news conference later that day: “His first words were ‘congratulations, man’ and I knew it was him.”

Yesterday, Biden continued his praise at a virtual meeting of the Munich Security Conference.  He cited U.S.-European cooperation on Perseverance and two more spacecraft in the series of missions intended to return samples of Mars to Earth as an example of how the United States and Europe can work together to overcome difficult challenges.

Today, Biden tweeted a video of Thursday’s landing that includes more of his conversation with Jurczyk.

Biden:  Hello.

Jurczyk:  Hello, Mr. President.

Biden: Hey, Steve, congratulations man!

Jurczyk:  Hey, thank you so much, sir.

Biden: I’m so proud of you guys.  And tell all your folks down there I watched it with bated breath like millions of other people around the world.  There ain’t nothing we can’t do with folks like you. Nothing.

Jurczyk: I agree, sir.  It was an amazing team and another amazing accomplishment.  Thank you so much for your support and your congratulations. I absolutely will pass it on to the team.

Biden: Well, please do and tell them I am so, so, so impressed.

Jurczyk: A lot of what we do is show the United States and the world — the country and the world — what is possible.

Biden: That’s right.

Jurczyk: And we did that again today.

Biden: You sure did.  Well, I look forward to coming down there sometime. Thanks pal, keep it going. Proud of you.

Jurczyk:  Thank you, sir.

Biden: All right, bye, bye.

Jurczyk:  Bye, bye.

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, CA is in charge of Perseverance and the Mars Sample Return effort and tweeted it is looking forward to welcoming Biden.

JPL is a Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) operated for NASA by the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).

Bobby Braun, JPL’s Director of Solar System Exploration, which includes the Mars program, expressed his own thanks after Biden’s remarks yesterday.

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